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    카테고리 없음 2019. 10. 2. 12:17

    Is there anyway I can put feeling into a picture I felt?


    FillTone can express warmth, coldness, and freshness with colors of light.


    From where did FillTone get inspired?


    “If the sunlight you saw is purple, then draw with purple.

    If the sea is red, then draw with red.”

    - Monet -

    Motivated by this so FillTone came out.


    Add various colors in a picture with FillTone.


    Gradation with two colors can be set.

    Detailed function

    . Add color / color density setting

    . Add two colors with gradation

    . Gradation point setting

    . Brightness setting (Dark area will be highlighted)

    . Various blending mode


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